"We need help finding the perfect Allworx telephone installation provider," Samantha said to her boss, Derek.


But before she could even finish her sentence, he replied "I thought you were MY secretary? Good idea, however. I'll get right on that and call Creative-13. Anything else I can do for you?"

Locating the right partner to implement your Allworx solution isn't always easy.

It takes a dedicated team of professionals to manage, set up, configure, and implement your new Allworx system. 

Creative-13 can help minimize your frustration and post-installation problems with a complete in-house Allworx maintenance, support, and IT solution.



First, our certified Allworx project manager will help you identify and map out your expectations. They are responsible for leading a team of qualified technicians, as well as helping you manage your Alworx installation and training timeline. 


Then, our technical team stages your Allworx communication solution at our offices. We perform all setup, configuration, and testing before installation at your place of business. Preparation is the key to a smooth installation and lower post-install maintenance issues. 


Finally, our field techs review your site details and work with the project manager to discuss ways to minimize downtime during cutover. Our onsite and remote training staff works with you to help you understand how to use your new Allworx solution. We've got you covered.


After our team has installed your solution, we'll help you understand and use your new system. Our 30-day post-install satisfaction guarantee means that your project manager is available to assist with basic questions or programming modifications so that you can use your new Allworx solution with confidence.


Assistance When You Need It.

Creative-13 specializes in providing access to telecom, network, and IT professionals in-house, allowing for a single source of support to assist you with your technology needs. We have set up a proactive system in providing support rather than simply dispatching a tech to reboot your phone system. And, our centrally located maintenance network operation allows us to provide best-in-class support services.


Proactive Monitoring for Your Business.

Our proactive monitoring tools notify us of issues before they become a problem for your business. Centralized management and state-of-the-art technology allow our team to work efficiently and encourage collaboration. Our monitoring tools include telephony, infrastructure, and IT solutions. 


Telephony monitoring allows us to see voice trunk, phone system processors, call servers, application servers, and voicemail outages. Based on the release and age of your system, we may be able to pull application services, SNMP in-depth monitoring, set minimum thresholds for IP-related items such as QoS and MOS, and more. 


Infrastructure monitoring includes internet outage issues, service provider and telecom provider router outage, client firewall, and managed switch outages. Monitoring these items is extremely important to clients with integrated and converged environments, especially when using VoIP (H323) or SIP technologies. 


IT monitoring for servers and workstations. 

Converged can extend the service package to include these devices for clients who need more robust monitoring and IT services.


Remote Versus Onsite Expertise: 

Creative-13 has a team of field techs to assist with physical work such as rack and stack, installation and implementation, maintenance and support, and other requests that require an onsite professional. Work with our network operations center to assist with your next project or with a simple labor request. 


Standards and Practices: 

Our number one goal is to decrease client frustration and provide best-in-class support. We do this by repeating success and minimizing technical support issues. Our in-house team of engineers allows for a quick turnaround during complex matters. 


Workflow, Documentation, and Automation: 

When your business experiences an issue, it could mean downtime for your employees. Our team works to cross-reference your history and resolve the problem quickly so that opening a support ticket is quick and painless. 

Root Cause Analysis: 

The Creative-13 support network focuses on identifying the root cause of your support-related issue. These standards help us decrease maintenance events and client headaches. 



Our team of engineers is ready to assist you. Our engineers are certified in Allworx, Avaya, Cisco, Microsoft, Citrix, Apple, VMWare, HP, and Dell - to name a few. This allows us to provide you with the best agnostic solution based on your business' needs. In addition, this will enable us to work with clients of all different environments and provide comprehensive support for service requests.


Located in Arizona, our operations center provides remote engineering and field engineers access to meet your firm's SLA (Service Level Agreement). We provide statewide services and can work on your behalf or as an extension of your team. 


Creative-13 provides all-encompassing support and technology solutions. Whether you are looking for project assistance or day-to-day maintenance or support, we can help. We provide comprehensive best in class services and are dedicated to your business's success.


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The Avaya Unified Communications solutions enable effective collaboration and communication integration across broad, distributed cloud environments, increase organizations’ productivity, and improves customer service.

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Allworx makes communication effortless. The VoIP phone systems are designed and manufactured with primary attention on innovation, value, reliability, customer focus, and quality.  The result is products that meet your needs today and tomorrow,.