13 Reasons Why You'll Love This I.T. Solutions Provider

Creative-13 is a local business with over 30 years of experience in the Telecom/I.T. and cloud communication industry. Because of this, we have very knowledgeable resources in all areas of I.T. Our expertise comes from serving the Phoenix Valley, Arizona, and companies throughout the U.S. with telecom services and savings for the last 30-plus years.

The goal has always been to provide clients with professional expertise, skilled analysis, and years of knowledge that offer accurate recommendations resulting inadequate cost savings of your overall telecom/data expense. Creative-13 constantly expands and improves the support system, website, and communication, so you always have someone to turn to for help and service. We're here for you.

Whether you are a one-person operation or a huge corporation, we can manage all of your telecom/data solutions. 

Here are 13 fantastic reasons to partner with Creative-13 for your I.T. and cloud communication needs.

01. All the equipment, phones, apps, systems, and structured cabling services are custom set up and specifically curated to meet the needs of our clients.

Creative 13 provides top-rated VoIP solutions for your business with a focus on customer service. We provide 100% U.S.-based support and engineered, designed, and custom-developed solutions through our telecom partners. You get the power of world-class solutions with the personalized cost-saving service your business deserves.

Our goal has always been to facilitate logistics, implementation, and cost-effective turnkey telecom/data solutions for our clients and their business requirements. Once in a while, our customers need professional advice from an expert in a particular field. We're experts when it comes to telecommunications, managed I.T. services, VoIP, and structured cabling.

02. Over 30 Years in Business in Arizona with thousands of lifelong customers.

We want you to be a customer for life. As our company has grown through the years, so have the companies and organizations of our customers. This growth has helped us understand and cultivate relationships. We value our customers, and we're interested in helping them succeed with our services and products. We even take the time to refer others who can use our client's services, and they will often reciprocate. That is what we strive for in every customer. 

We've seen our customers grow from working in their garage to a massive 20,000-square-foot operation that is still in business today and thriving. That holds for about 90% of our customer base. Our philosophy is that Success breeds Success. We enjoy being part of your success story.

03. Creative-13 assesses your every need so you can save money with the right features.

Our process focuses on discovering your business needs and implementing a platform that supports your company. Our all-inclusive cloud phone system will modernize your communications, all while helping you save the maximum about of money.