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13 Reasons Why You'll Love This I.T. Solutions Provider

Creative-13 is a local business with over 30 years of experience in the Telecom/I.T. and cloud communication industry. Because of this, we have very knowledgeable resources in all areas of I.T. Our expertise comes from serving the Phoenix Valley, Arizona, and companies throughout the U.S. with telecom services and savings for the last 30-plus years.

The goal has always been to provide clients with professional expertise, skilled analysis, and years of knowledge that offer accurate recommendations resulting inadequate cost savings of your overall telecom/data expense. Creative-13 constantly expands and improves the support system, website, and communication, so you always have someone to turn to for help and service. We're here for you.

Whether you are a one-person operation or a huge corporation, we can manage all of your telecom/data solutions. 

Here are 13 fantastic reasons to partner with Creative-13 for your I.T. and cloud communication needs.

01. All the equipment, phones, apps, systems, and structured cabling services are custom set up and specifically curated to meet the needs of our clients.

Creative 13 provides top-rated VoIP solutions for your business with a focus on customer service. We provide 100% U.S.-based support and engineered, designed, and custom-developed solutions through our telecom partners. You get the power of world-class solutions with the personalized cost-saving service your business deserves.

Our goal has always been to facilitate logistics, implementation, and cost-effective turnkey telecom/data solutions for our clients and their business requirements. Once in a while, our customers need professional advice from an expert in a particular field. We're experts when it comes to telecommunications, managed I.T. services, VoIP, and structured cabling.

02. Over 30 Years in Business in Arizona with thousands of lifelong customers.

We want you to be a customer for life. As our company has grown through the years, so have the companies and organizations of our customers. This growth has helped us understand and cultivate relationships. We value our customers, and we're interested in helping them succeed with our services and products. We even take the time to refer others who can use our client's services, and they will often reciprocate. That is what we strive for in every customer. 

We've seen our customers grow from working in their garage to a massive 20,000-square-foot operation that is still in business today and thriving. That holds for about 90% of our customer base. Our philosophy is that Success breeds Success. We enjoy being part of your success story.

03. Creative-13 assesses your every need so you can save money with the right features.

Our process focuses on discovering your business needs and implementing a platform that supports your company. Our all-inclusive cloud phone system will modernize your communications, all while helping you save the maximum about of money.

  • Low Upfront Capital Expense

  • No Hidden Fees or Add-ons

  • No Maintenance Fees

  • No Local Dial Tone Costs

04. Creative-13 is here to help you scale your business communication by moving it to the cloud.

Give your business a competitive advantage by managing all your communications (phone, fax, voice mail, video, email, chat, text, and instant messaging) through one system. Our cloud platform streamlines your company's communications and makes your employees more productive and efficient while reducing your telecom costs.

With all that efficiency, you'll remain focused on growing your business without the hassle of a complicated, high-maintenance communication system. And we do all the legwork that ensures your system will scale with your growing company.

  • We're constantly adding new features

  • All Enhancements Included

  • Lifetime System Warranty

  • 100% Unified Communication System

05. It may be time to say "Goodbye" to old technology. 

Many of the customers have been with Creative-13 since the beginning of their startup. Because of this, the telecom equipment they've been utilizing many times is old and outdated. 

The two things longevity tells us. First, Creative-13 only sells quality equipment that can last for years. Second, companies can perceive upgrades as complex and time-consuming. We are here to assist in helping you let go of the outdated equipment that has been so good for so many years yet may be keeping you from moving forward. To stay competitive, you have to remain on top of your technology.

Below are some critical points to consider when upgrading to a new telecom system.

  • Old equipment may not be supported by the manufacturer any longer. Therefore essential updates to prevent hacking or malware may not be available. 

  • We can make saying goodbye easy and painless. As systems evolve, so does the ease of use. So saying goodbye may be a blessing in disguise.  

  • We will ensure a smooth transition with minimal to no downtime. 

  • You can remain focused on growing your business without the hassle of a complicated, high-maintenance old communication system.  

  • Creative-13 will do all of the legwork to ensure your new system will scale and grow with your company.

06. The Creative-13 products have geo-redundancy.

We have three data centers strategically placed across the United States. Should a primary system fail for any reason, these redundant data centers will seamlessly roll over to one of our other data center sites with little to no effect on your VoIP communications.

07. Creative-13 has a highly sought-after cloud communication system with unique product features.

From our Desktop Contact Center, cellphone app, and office desk phones, we can help unify your communications and bring your business into the modern age at an affordable price.

Our business phone numbers are cloud-based. With our mobile app, you can work virtually from anywhere in the world. Our Desktop Contact Center will keep your team connected visually and unify your entire communication process.

08. Creative-13 is a cloud system suite of reliable, personalized, and incredible product features.

• Voice/Audio

High-definition audio combined with a feature-rich platform makes for the perfect combination of clear voice communication.

• Desktop Contact Center

Whether small or large, we provide the right features, integrations, and analytics to improve your customer satisfaction.

• Remote Mobile App

Communicate effectively via mobile phone through our app, and collaborate from anywhere.

• Our VoIP Phones

From executive touchscreens to wireless office devices, our intuitively designed phones have you covered.

• Collaboration

From video conferencing and screen sharing to audio conferencing, we make it easy to stay on task and work as a team from anywhere.

• Analytics & Administration

Our analytic tools give you the insight you need to drive your business all in one manageable place.

09. Creative-13 provides the best security products and customer service to our clients.

• Structured cabling

We only use the latest American-made technology. We will design a specific cable system to meet your business needs. We do it right, testing scanning, and labeling to make Cable management easy for our clients to manage their networks if need be. From 1 cable to 1million, we got you covered. 


We have you covered, and your business has never been more secure. Our Camera systems have plenty of storage and are user-friendly using Apps that allow you to view your structure even when you are away. 

• Door Access Control Systems

We will design a system to meet your infrastructure. Then, we can train and assist you in managing it, or we can handle that system for you. 

• Audio Visual

If you want to showcase your business through A.V., we got you covered.

We design and install only the best products available.  

10. Creative 13 will provide a free no-obligation audit of your telecom/data carrier services.

We'll come to your place of business and meet with you about your current system, and complete a detailed analysis of the grounds, cabling structure, and provider services. We will then make cost-saving recommendations based on your current business requirements utilizing innovative technology and resources. Once the audit is complete, we will provide you with a complete cost-saving solution.​

From high-tech software to desktop communication to cellphones to office phones, we can help unify your communications and bring your business into the modern age at an affordable price.


11. Creative-13 provides financing.

Should you have a small, medium, or large project, we have business partners with capital ready to lend. 

Our process focuses on discovering your business needs and ensuring your platform supports you. While we know that customers may occasionally need extra capital, we do not want that to be a reason to put a project on hold. We are here to help you get over the finish line. 

  • Competitive low-interest Rates 

  • Answers in less than 48 hours

  • Work with Several lenders that meet your specific financial needs and less than perfect credit.

12. Same or Next Day Installation is Possible.

If you are a local Phoenix-based company or organization, Creative-13 can often provide the same or next-day service to your business location. All you need is an internet connection to your place of business. We do the rest to get you set up and communicate with your clients.

13. Lessons we have learned throughout the years have always made us better.

Let me state the obvious; we are not perfect, and we sometimes make mistakes. At Creative-13, we're big enough to admit when we have made a mistake. Years ago, I heard a saying; "Don't look where you have fallen; instead, look at where you have slipped." I always thought that was profound and true. This little principle has guided us throughout the years, teaching us to focus on the area we have made a mistake and promptly fix the outcome it has caused. 

We're constantly expanding and learning from our past. We will never make the same mistake twice. One of those lessons is making sure our customers can reach us when they need us. We are constantly looking to improve our systems so that you can use our website/portal to open up support tickets and always get the answer you're looking for promptly.

Our goal is to provide our clients with professional expertise, skilled analysis, and years of knowledge that offer accurate recommendations resulting in inadequate cost savings of your overall telecom/data expense. 



Ryan has been writing blogs, articles, and inspirational pieces for the last 15 years. He's currently working on a book entitled "The Formula." Ryan is currently the CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) at Creative-13 where every so often you'll see some of his informative, fun, or inspiring posts published. "Sometimes it's good to take an hour out of your day (or week), and just read something that can improve who you are.'


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