Security Camera

Increase the security of your business assets.

The C13 Security Solutions for business includes a variety of options used to secure your place of business. Everything from customized alarm system designs, reporting & analytics, remote access, video and audio surveillance, and 24/7 professional monitoring of your location.


Get the confidence and proof to know that your business is safe and secure. High-definition business video surveillance helps you keep an eye on operations anywhere and at any time.

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Remote Management

Access and control your surveillance system from anywhere, including viewing live or recorded video.

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High-Def Monitoring

Cover every angle with multiple high-definition camera options, including indoor/outdoor and night vision.

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Video Monitoring

Keep a watch on your business with single and multi-site viewing, live-streaming, and recorded video.

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Robust Equipment

We provide all networking equipment to ensure a reliable, high-quality viewing experience.

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Business Insights

Get key information on activities and a more detailed view to help you run your business more efficiently.

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Video Storage

Access, set up, and control your live and recorded video footage at any time on desktop or mobile.

Features of Video Surveillance

Equipment sold separately. 

Monthly prices do not include equipment leasing costs.


We have a number of solutions and packages that work hard to keep your business safe and protected. Creative Thirteen has partnered with Cox Security for Business which provides our clients with 24/7 Monitoring, Broadband monitoring, cellular backup, notifications, text/email alerts, silent alarm service, multi-site access, and more.


Protect your operations 24/7 with comprehensive business Intrusion Detection technology. Innovative security features like professional monitoring, remote access, customized alerts, and performance insights help you improve security and safeguard your assets.

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24/7 Professional Monitoring

Business security requires round-the-clock monitoring. Our reliable, professional service ensures that your business, inventory, and equipment are well-protected.

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Wireless Smart Detection

These wireless sensors detect movement, glass breakage, water intrusion, and window or door meddling. For additional security, they are separate from your network

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Remote Access for Greater Control

Remote access lets you control your system wherever you are. Using our mobile app, you can arm and disarm your system, adjust the thermostat and so much more.

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Smart Device & Utility Control

Not just security. You can maximize your energy savings by controlling office and building lights, appliances, and thermostats from any computer, smartphone, or tablet.

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Customized Alerts for Instant Notification

Quickly take action against potential threats. With custom alerts, you'll get instant notifications on your mobile device if a door is left open, an alarm is triggered.

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Security Reporting and Analytics

Get robust management reporting and analytics that give you visibility into your system's activity and trends. These reports and trends will give you more security and savings 

Features of Intrusion Detection

Learn more about Creative Thirteen Security Solutions and how you can keep your business safe and protected.