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We make small to large business phone services affordable and effortless.

At Creative 13, we enable business professionals to work from anywhere.


Get a local or toll-free business number that works seamlessly across all of your office phones, cell phones & laptops.


We're your complete business communication solution.


Once in a while, you need some professional advice from an expert in a particular field. Our expertise comes from over 30 years of experience in the Communications Industry. 

We facilitate the logistics and implementation of a turnkey telecom/data solution based on your current business requirements.

We provide the very best customer service to our clients. Our goal is to provide our clients with professional expertise, skilled analysis, and years of knowledge which provide for accurate recommendations resulting in effective cost savings of your overall telecom/data expense.

Creative 13 will provide a free no-obligation audit of your telecom/data carrier services, we will then make cost-saving recommendations based on your current business requirements utilizing innovative technology and resources.

Once the audit is complete, we will provide you a complete cost-saving solution.

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