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Ethernet Installation in Phoenix and all of Arizona.


Creative-13 has been installing Ethernet connection in business for over 30 years along with Telecom, I.T., and cloud communication services.

Features of Ethernet Cabling


Fiber optic cables provide significant bandwidth for signal transmission and can carry much more data than copper.

Data Security

fiber optic cables contain no metallic components and are immune to electro-magnetic and radio interference.

Power Efficiency

In terms of photons versus electrons, the light in fiber optic cables travels at roughly two-thirds the speed of light.

Cost Effective

Fiber optics do not conduct electrical signals making it hard to remotely detect any data signal being transmitted.

Data Transfer Quality

This immense speed advantage can extend large bandwidth content over extremely long distances in a small diameter.

Installation & Maintenance

Fiber optics do not conduct electrical signals making it hard to remotely detect any data signal being transmitted.

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Today's business environments are increasingly relying on Ethernet to provide cost effective, secure and reliable solutions for data transmission.

Ethernet allows for lightning fast transmission of data with minimal latency, resulting in a seamless user experience. Ethernet also offers organizations the highest levels of security, ensuring their data remains confidential at all times, as well as the freedom to customize settings based on size, quantity, quality and other preferences.Ethernet allows organizations to utilize a network that is both cost effective and efficient, which is essential in today’s increasingly competitive markets.

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Creative-13 is your go-to I.T. company for expert structured Ethernet cabling in Arizona.​

Our team of experts ensure that every project passes rigorous quality assurance tests and data security protocols, so you can rest assured your business has the reliable infrastructure it needs to be successful. Additionally, because of our commitment to ensuring a cost effective solution for each ethernet design project or repair, you won’t have to pay an arm and a leg for top-notch service.

Image by Jordan Harrison
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