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With 18 billion elevator trips in the U.S. annually, an elevator malfunctioning is inevitable.


Your business site requires a reliable elevator emergency phone response. The causes can be anything from wear and tear, to an error in the elevator’s internal diagnostic system that must be cleared to bring the elevator back online. Getting stuck in an elevator is troublesome and, at times even unsafe, often amplifying or inducing other health conditions.

Features of KingsIII Emergency Elevator Phones

Cloud or Analog Lines

Models for both cellular and standard phone lines that fit each unique outdoor need.

Backed by Expertise

Emergency phone solutions provide peace of mind. Backed by decades of expertise.

ADA Code Compliant

If a passenger requires immediate medical attention, operators provide assistance.

Live Operators 24/7

With the dial of a button, you're connected to an emergency dispatch center.

All-Inclusive Solution

Entails equipment, installation, maintenance, and 24/7/365 emergency monitoring.

Phones & Accessories

Shop our Flush Mount and Surface Mount Elevator Phones and Phone Accessories.

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Emergency Elevator Phone Monitoring Specialists


Kings III offers a range of top-of-the-line elevator help phones (both cellular and standard phone line options) to fit each unique elevator’s needs.

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All Inclusive Emergency Phone Solution

Paired with our all-inclusive solution which includes equipment & installation, lifetime maintenance, and 24/7/365 emergency monitoring, our aim is for your elevator phone to be reliable in any situation.

ADA Code Compliant Emergency Elevator Telephone Monitoring Solution

With the push of the elevator phone button, a call is connected to our emergency dispatch center where live operators are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our operators assess the needs of the passengers and act accordingly, following a call-list designated by you or dispatching emergency services as needed.

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Creative-13 Recommends ...

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Why are we Recommending Kings III? Monitoring requirements are getting more strict and inspectors are demanding more. This is why we are proudly recommending Kings III elevator phone monitoring to our customers. The Kings III service provides many value-added benefits including the opportunity to eliminate dedicated phone lines, minimize liability exposure, and better manage tenant, employee, and visitor experience. 

We promise an initial conversation with Kings III, at the very least, will be well worth your time and are confident you will find the added benefits of their service a good value. 

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