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Our cloud-based phone numbers are perfect for any size business anywhere in the US and Canada.

Local or toll-free business phone numbers in the U.S. and Canada, plus the features every business needs.

Features that come with your new business cloud number

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Local or Toll-Free

Our cloud-based phone numbers are perfect for any size business and any purpose.

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VoIP Cloud Numbers

Our numbers are based on the cloud which means you can do more with better security.

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Keep & Port Your Number(s)

Unlimited voice calls and with no billing surprises or hidden fees. Ever.

Get More Information and Get Started. It's quick & Easy.

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Our goal is to give modern professionals the power to work from anywhere and at any time. From the comfort of your home to the business office, or while flying across the ocean to sitting at a local comfy coffee shop.


Our local & toll-free business numbers work seamlessly across office phones, landlines, cell phones & laptops. Use our mobile app to call & text clients on the road. We serve small, mid, and enterprise size businesses, start-ups, entrepreneurs, mobile teams, and so many more with professional-grade features.

Local or Toll-Free? Which is best for me?

Whether your goal is to achieve a local presence with a local area code or an established national presence with a toll-free prefix, we can help you achieve that purpose.

Local business phone numbers are great if your goal is to convey a local presence. A local number gives your customers confidence that they’re dealing with a preferred local business.

Toll-free numbers, on the other hand, convey a national presence (or the appearance of a national presence). They are perceived as belonging to larger, more established businesses. Toll-free numbers can also instill trust and credibility. A toll-free number may also be necessary for certain compliance issues such as HIPAA, CCPA, and others.

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Port Your Existing Business Number

Your current business number is important - don't give it up simply because you are changing providers. Port it over to your Creative-13 account and we'll make the process effortless! We do all the work for you and we're delighted to help.

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