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Virtual video rooms, just like your office, are always “on” and always available.

Video Conference rooms create highly personal, face- to-face interactions and nurture camaraderie whether working in the office or remotely.

Virtual Video Features

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HD Video Meetings

HD Video Rooms providing exceptional, enterprise-grade audio and video quality .

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Video Recording

Record any meeting for easy reference later, or to share updates with the team.

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A true game-changer for meetings and Rooms collaboration.

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Simultaneous Sharing

Share one screen, a portion of their screen, at the same time, or specific applications.

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Using this easy-to-learn Lightboard tool, meetings and presentations come to life.

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Flexible Video Tiles

Every user gets “the best seat in the house” with customizable layout preferences.

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Private Sidebar

Users can speak and screen share with each other during meetings or in virtual rooms.

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CoreNexa Outshines & Outperforms all of the Alternatives.

CoreNexa brings way more to the table than even the most well known video solutions, seamlessly integrating high quality voice, HD video, Chat & SMS, meetings, Rooms, and advanced collabora- tion features.

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CoreNexa revolutionizes the entire video & meeting experience.

Innovative development and high-value built-in features eliminate widely tolerated flaws and glaring capability gaps associated with the alternatives.

CoreNexa 7.0 gives every employee, whether working remotely or in the office, one easy tool for highly efficient, productive communication & collaboration.

Video is no longer a "nice-to-have" feature.

Modern businesses want a solution that makes working remotely feel no different than being in the office and tools that produce equal and seamless productivity.

CoreNexa - Meetings
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