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We make sure Santa's phone keeps on ringing! No matter where he's at.

And to help you succeed, Creative-13 is always here to help with new or upgraded cabling, cloud phones, contact center, video conferencing, office security, IT, and more! 


100% USA Made  •  Same Day Installation in Many Cases  •  25 Years in Business

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Our cloud-based phone solutions integrate seamlessly with your cell phone on the road, your desk phone at the office & your laptop when traveling. The flexibility of Creative-13 services allows you to move around while keeping everyone connected. Our cloud-based phone solutions integrate seamlessly with your cell phone on the road, your desk phone at the office & your laptop when traveling.

Complete Business Phone Services

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Structured & Low-Voltage Data Cabling Specialists

We make small to large business phone, cabling, cloud, and I.T. services affordable and effortless. Your corporate cabling environment is key to preserving the flexibility and scalability of any business expansion. Our structured cabling methodology ensures attention to detail and proper cable management.

CCTV & Security Survelliance

Our Security Solutions for business include various options to secure your place of business. Everything from customized alarm system designs, video and audio surveillance, intrusion detection, reporting & analytics, remote access, and 24/7 professional monitoring of your location.

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Emergency Phones

Whether you're looking for an emergency phone for an elevator, a pool, or a parking garage, our code-compliant solutions have you covered. With a rugged design built to withstand the elements, our emergency phones provide a reliable way to summon help in any outdoor emergency situation. So when seconds count, you can rest assured knowing that our emergency phones will be there to help.

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Information Technology

Our team of experts can provide problem-solving answers that keep your cloud phone technology working and dependable. Our fully certified telephony, cloud, and I.T. engineers can consult on everything in your communications stack—business phone systems, SD-WAN, contact center, collaboration, CCTV, phone support, and more.

Gently Used Phone Systems for Sale

As a business, you are always in need of greater communication and further expansion at a great price. There are times when Creative-13 may have gently used and refurbished phone or I.T. systems that will meet your need. 

What Others Are Saying About CREATIVE 13

"The Creative 13 team is our absolute go-to team. They are fast, with high-level communication, and great to work with on a personal level. I would highly recommend them!"

Joey Raymond

Sept 2021

"We LOVE Creative-13! They have handled our phone systems for 4 years and always do a fantastic job. They come to our rescue quickly and sometimes with very little notice ..."

Mallory Miller
Sept 2021

Serving Customers Like ...

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We make cloud phone, cabling, security, and IT services affordable and effortless.

We're Arizona's cloud phone and IT service provider; partnering with companies that need a powerful network, phone solutions, structured office or campus cabling, security, and so much more.

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