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APEL Extrusions: Building a Robust Data Infrastructure for a New Phoenix Facility

Updated: Feb 6

In the ever-evolving manufacturing world, staying ahead with cutting-edge technology and efficient data infrastructure is crucial. APEL Extrusions, a leader in aluminum extrusion, recently expanded its operations with a new 335,000-square-foot facility in Phoenix, Arizona. This state-of-the-art facility with advanced manufacturing capabilities requires a robust and reliable data infrastructure. Enter Creative-13, a company synonymous with innovative and comprehensive managed I.T. services, who stepped in to transform APEL's technological landscape.

APEL Extrusions Building Drawing

Consultation and Planning:

The journey began with Creative-13's team consulting closely with APEL's lead I.T. management. Understanding the intricate needs of APEL's new facility was crucial. The team at Creative-13 delved deep into the specs, ensuring every aspect of the data infrastructure was tailored to meet APEL's specific requirements.

Infrastructure Design and Installation:

Creative-13's expertise shone as they laid out an all-encompassing plan for the building's data infrastructure. Installing fiber-optic cabling throughout the facility was a game-changer, providing lightning-fast connectivity to the Intermediate Distribution Frame (IDF), which powered the high-tech manufacturing machines. Additionally, the entire office setup was wired with CAT 6 cabling, ensuring seamless communication and internet access.

Creative-13 was proud to help set up the data infrastructure for APEL Extrusions and the new manufacturing facility.

Advanced Video Surveillance:

Security and monitoring were paramount. Creative-13 installed a comprehensive video surveillance system using Unify products. This system wasn't just about security; it provided live monitoring capabilities for the production process, enhancing operational efficiency. Management could access these cameras based on their authorization level, integrating seamlessly into the IoT framework.

Access Control and Security:

The installation of sophisticated access control systems further bolstered the safety and security of the facility. These systems utilized keycards, creating a secure and monitored environment, and provided detailed entry and exit logs, enhancing overall security.

Conferencing and Communication Solutions:

In today's global business environment, effective communication is vital. Creative-13 equipped the conference rooms with top-tier A.V. equipment, facilitating seamless remote meetings and collaborations. This setup was integral in bridging the communication gap between various stakeholders.

Creative-13's innovative approach in establishing APEL Extrusions' new Phoenix facility's data infrastructure exemplifies the fusion of cutting-edge technology with tailored solutions, driving the future of efficient and secure manufacturing.

Comprehensive Cabling for Office Infrastructure:

The office spaces were not left behind. Creative-13 ensured every office was equipped with CAT 6 cabling, RJ45 coupler outlet connectors, mounting brackets, and Ethernet wall plates. All enabling robust phone, computer, internet, and cloud connectivity. This infrastructure has laid the foundation for a highly connected and efficient workspace.

Ongoing Support and Troubleshooting:

Creative-13's commitment continued after installation. Their ongoing support and troubleshooting services ensured that APEL's I.T. department had the backing they needed to maintain a smooth operation. This white-glove service approach meant that APEL could focus on what they do best, leaving the tech complexities to Creative-13.

A Testament to Innovative Technology Solutions:

The collaboration between APEL Extrusions and Creative-13 is a testament to the power of innovative technology solutions in modern manufacturing. The new facility in Phoenix, detailed in the APEL Press Release, stands as a beacon of advanced manufacturing and efficient data infrastructure, all made possible by the expertise and dedication of Creative-13. This project is a shining example of how tailored technological solutions can propel a business into the future, ensuring efficiency, security, and connectivity.

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