From the Desk of Vince Magana - Creative-13 President and CEO

Why is Creative-13 so successfully unique?

Creative-13 has grown throughout the years, starting up from a small company named InSyst on December 29, 1995. We then sold Insyst in 2009 and started Byzantium. Byzantium's name was difficult and made no sense for a telecom company, so our brand evolved to Creative-13. Creative-13 has been working as a DBA of Byzantium LLC since 2010.

Creative-13 has worked with small to medium businesses, helping them navigate successful Information Technology solutions. We design and implement converged network solutions using current technology, including SIP and VoIP.

Unlike most services, we take ownership of all aspects of the development and deployment of the client's recommended solution – from design and installation to liaison between the client and their local phone or other service providers, including contractors. This ownership assures and expedites resolutions to any problems. We allow our customers to focus more fully on their business and clients, removing the time-consuming and stressful element of dealing with other trades.

Creative-13 has been in business for over 26 years and is built upon a foundation of more than three decades of professional experience. Based on the success in resolving issues, Creative-13 has become highly sought out by our clients. Taking the time to solve technical, cabling, cloud, and communication issues has led to high customer satisfaction. A large portion of our business is based on the high recommendations of our existing clients. We dare to take on the concerns other companies walk away from and pride ourselves on our "WE CAN!" attitude. We have always creatively and successfully resolved the unique problems of our clients. We provide resolutions, not excuses!

How is Creative-13 involved with the community?

Creative-13 is actively involved in serving our community by donating money and time in the following ways:

Youth Mentoring

Creative-13 has mentored several local young people, helping them understand the small business process and its value to our community. We developed an internship program that allows young men and women to gain valuable working knowledge in a field that is in high demand. The students perform tasks alongside our team members, allowing them to see first-hand how a business operates. We feel this opportunity assists the intern and, in return, enables us to learn from the creativity and youthful trends that help us enhance future business development.

School Sports and Clubs

Creative-13 has donated time and financial assistance to a local school's football & volleyball programs, along with providing tennis shoes for a local high school's basketball teams. Recently, we had the opportunity to sponsor a youth Culture Club in Gilbert, Arizona. The club was challenged to investigate raising tax-deductible funds, allowing them to travel to different parts of the world to experience different cultures.