What is Structured Cabling and in the age of wifi, why is it still important?

Updated: Feb 24

How your office, building, grounds, or campus is wired is crucial to your connectivity success. A Structured Cabling System is a set of cabling, wires, and connectivity products that integrate all voice, data, video, and other various management systems (such as security alarms and video, phone systems, security access, energy systems, and more).

Technology is Always Changing

Technology is constantly evolving and changing, sometimes faster than you could ever guess. These new tools can make businesses more productive, secure, and flexible. However, these tools need the right network to support them.

Structured cabling is an infrastructure that's made up of smaller, standardized subsystems. You can install structured cabling systems in a building or across a large campus. It's this kind of network cabling that can support all of the rapidly advancing technology coming to the workplace.

Every Business Needs the Right Cabling Infrastructure to Support It

Since the advent of personal computers, the introduction of laptops and VoIP calling systems, the demand for a business's cable network has only grown. In the past, point-to-point cabling was used, which meant every piece of hardware used its cable. The cabling ran from the beginning point to its endpoint. Point-to-point would lead to a jumbled mess of wiring and lines that could be accidentally unplugged or present a safety hazard for tripping. If you had new technology to add, you would be running new cables to handle it.

Structured cabling came into existence to accommodate the rising need for speed and more bandwidth. And today, it's the best solution for a business or campus network.

Structured cabling systems are a kind of interface cabling solution that organizes your infrastructure. The beauty of structured cabling is that it helps to future-proof your business by accommodating any new hardware you add while supporting the increasing amount of data businesses use daily. It makes things much easier to manage as your business grows!

Why Structured Cabling During the Wireless Age is More Important Than Ever.

Here are three reasons why the IT & telecommunication industry is driven towards structured cabling - even in a wireless world.

1 . Businesses have gone from "Time-to-GO-Digital" to "Time to GROW Digital."

The modern IT and telecommunications industry has taken that digital leap, with over 80% having gone d