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The career of Mark V. Magana has spanned more than 30 years in the telecom industry. He has served as Manager on Several Startup Business including The Chase Bankcard Services Call Center in Tempe Arizona. He has been involved in cutting-edge technology developments and was instrumental in rolling out the new baggage scanner/readers when Terminal 4 opened at Sky Harbor. He began his career with America West Airlines as a reservations agent and within one year was on the Project team that was in charge of starting new destinations for the Airline, his responsibilities including managing vendors to ensure all telecommunications task were completed in a timely and efficient manner. His hands-on experience also allowed him the understanding of capabilities and limitations of technology, as well as innovative ways to use the technologies available.

Magana leads a highly respected management team capable of taking Creative 13 to new heights. Creative 13, is focused on delivering high-quality products and services to its customers; enhancing the communities we serve in a meaningful way; creating a dynamic work environment for employees; and achieving industry-leading, long-term relations with our clients.

Magana’s disciplined approach to strategic market analysis and operations leadership as well as his focus on utilizing Creative 13 ’s strong cash flow and financial strength to drive the long-term development of the organization.

Magana started Creative 13 because he recognized a need for quality telecommunications products and superior customer service to be delivered to all the business markets we serve. Coming from a Huge Corporate background Magana understands how easy it is to get lost if you’re not a heavy hitter.

Creative 13 ’s position is simple states, Magana, “treat each client as if they are a Fortune 500 company. With our advanced innovation and superior leadership we will ensure our clients achieve their goals”.

Positions Held

  • CMM Global Spectrum President & C.E.O. 2006-Current 

  • InSyst Inc Founder and President 1997-2010

  • AT&T Global Senior Technical Engineer 1995-1996

  • Chase Bankcard Services Senior Voice/Data Engineer 1994-1995

  • America West Airlines- Senior Technician 1983-1995

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