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Why Creative-13 for Security Solutions

Creative-13 provides several innovative security solutions that go far beyond traditional defense for increased protection of your business property. Our remote point of entry gives you access to home or office whenever and wherever, while video monitoring ensures the safety of both employees and customers by keeping an eye on every inch in real-time. Additionally, our audio surveillance captures conversations within designated areas so you can protect yourself against any legal issues down the road with verified proof if needed! All these products are monitored 24/7 by professionals who will immediately send assistance should anything happen, at any time, and no one is supposed to be there—talk about peace of mind!

Creative-13 has several solutions that keep your business safe while going above and beyond the standard security systems generally offered. This security provides more integrated and better-equipped methods of monitoring, protecting, and accessing your property. Partnered with Cox Security for Business Alarms, Creative-13 provides its clients with 24/7 monitoring, broadband monitoring, cellular backup, notifications, text/email alerts, silent alarm service, multiple-site access, and more.

Cloud or Non-Cloud Solutions

Depending on our client's needs, we can also provide our security solutions for cloud and non-cloud access. In many cases and with today's technology advances, clients who receive non-cloud-based security solutions can always upgrade to a cloud-based option at very reasonable prices.

All of our cloud-based solutions included IP digital cameras that provide both audio and video monitoring. We also offer a non-cloud-based solution such as remote access entry and CCTV

Remote Entry Access

There are several options for remote entry access, depending on your needs. Access can be as simple as intercom or door entry buzzers or as complex as high-security Wiegand key fob or card access points. We can provide access to all, a few or none. It's up to you who has access to what doors and what departments. Our systems log who enters what room at what time. This way, you always record the person who entered or exited and the time this happened.

Advanced Business Video Surveillance

Now you can keep an eye on your business from anywhere, at any time. Whether you're checking in with operations or verifying safety compliance, high-definition video surveillance footage is essential to ensuring the best possible protection for your company. With single and multi-site viewing options plus live streaming capabilities, it's never been easier to access and control your security system when things get busy! You can also cover every angle with multiple high-definition camera options, including indoor/outdoor, vandal-proof, and night vision.

Get the essential information on activities and a more detailed view to help you run your business more efficiently. We provide all networking equipment and a dedicated Internet connection to ensure a reliable, high-quality viewing experience. Access live and recorded video footage at any time with both onsite and cloud video storage.

Steps to Setting Up Your Security System

There are three simple steps involved in setting up the security system for a building or campus. Creative-13 starts with a (1) free, no-obligation consultation that determines and addresses the security needs of a business. Once the security needs are determined and approved, we (2) order the equipment and schedule installation dates and times. The time frame of every job varies on the security options selected. Lastly, Creative-13 (3) acts as the liaison between Cox Alarm Security for Business and our client, ensuring all needs are understood and exceeded.

Here's What you Need to Know

Creative 13 is the best partnership for your security job. We provide our clients with the most suitable security solutions for their company. With over 30 years of experience, we have learned to care about our clients and the success of their business. When our clients succeed, we succeed. It's that simple. We want you as a customer for life.



Creative 13 was founded by Vince Magana because he saw the need for quality telecommunications products and superior customer service to be delivered across all of the markets they serve. Coming from a corporate background, it's easy to get lost if you aren't on top of your game; this is why his company focuses on catering especially well-known clients like large corporations.


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