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Look What We've Got Cook'n!

At Creative-13, we've been busy cook'n up some mighty fine offerings for business I.T., cloud, telecom, and security solutions. Albert Einstien said, “Creativity is Intelligence Having Fun”, and no can argue ... we're definitely having a good time. Here's how!


Discover how a trusted Creative 13 cloud & VoIP consultant can get you the results your business needs.


Our cloud-based phone numbers are perfect for any size business. And we have the options for both local and toll-free.

Now you can work from anywhere and at any time with our mobile app on your phone. In today's current climate, the office isn't always the best place to get work done. So travel a little ... and never miss a call.

Our cloud system can work with any VoIP phone system you own or purchase. If you’re looking for the best phone system for your business, Creative 13 offers an array of options to fit any type of communication need.

Desktop Contact Center Keep your team connected visually and productive from anywhere in the world through their desktop, laptop, or pad. Our collaboration tools will give your team the features and flexibility they need to get work done no matter where they are.

Managed IT Services for predictable costs and improved business outcomes. As a Creative 13 client, you have access to our team of experts providing problem-solving answers that keep technology working for you at a dependable cost.

Custom alarm systems, reporting, remote access, video and audio surveillance. The C13 Security Solutions for business includes a variety of options used to secure your place of business. Everything from customized alarm system designs, reporting & analytics, remote access, video and audio surveillance, and 24/7 professional monitoring of your location.

Creating dependable cabling solutions that support your office Infrastructure. Your office cabling environment is key to preserving the flexibility and scalability of any business expansion. Our cabling methodology ensures attention to detail and proper cable management.

Service & Support We love happy customers and we're always happy to help. Choose your best support options from our Support Page and we'll always be there for you.

We've got you covered when it comes to staying on top of your business and technology. With blogs, articles, and news, you'll never be out of the loop.


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